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Parent Support

Wondering what else you could do to effect changes at home?

parent Support can help with:

  • Increasing positive engagement

  • Solving problems before they escalate

  • Behavioral challenges

  • Creating routines

  • Managing transitions

  • Developing useful reward systems

  • Enjoying time as a family again


During our initial phone consultation, we’ll have a chance to determine whether or not I believe that brief parent support is likely to effect the kinds of change you’re seeking.

If either you or your child are experiencing challenges directly related to a mental health concern, it’s likely that psychotherapy is the best approach.

Parent/Caregiver Support occurs exclusively online, via our HIPAA-compliant telehealth software. Sessions can occur in the comfort of your own home or even at your office or in your car. Anywhere you have a reliable internet connection and a phone, computer or tablet with a camera and the ability to speak privately, you can have a session.

There is no ongoing commitment - we may only have one support session ever, one a month or one a week.

the fine print

Parent/Caregiver support is a separate service from psychotherapy. It is not an insurance reimbursable service.

If your child is coming to PTC for individual or group therapy, parent sessions are typically covered under “Family Therapy without Client Present”. (For more details about insurance, check out The Details.)