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Group Therapy

If your child is struggling with peer connections and would benefit from a positive, playful environment in which to learn new social skills, practice them with the support of a licensed counselor and enjoy engaging with same-age peers our Social Skills Group Therapy Program is for you.

Our groups are fun and effective! In order to provide the best support to children with a variety of challenges, Play Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy are the primary modes of intervention.

Children are placed in small groups based on their age, grade, developmental needs, areas of strength and areas of concern.

What to Expect: During our free phone consultation, we’ll decide if group therapy is likely to be the right fit for your child. If I believe group therapy is likely to provide the type of support you’re looking for, we’ll move forward with scheduling.

To start, we’ll complete a private 40 minute parent(s)-only intake followed by either a 20 minute child observation in a social setting (for younger children) or a brief meet-and-greet (for Middle School and up).

We’ll decide on practical and attainable therapy goals, create a plan and match your child up to a group.

Sometimes there may be a group with immediate openings, other times a new group will be formed based on who’s looking.

Group Therapy Process

Groups meet weekly for 45 minutes. Sessions typically include:

  • Check-in about their week, with encouragement to share about a challenge and a success.

  • Structured play therapy or art activity chosen to focus on group member goals.

  • Supported free play to create opportunities to practice skills in a format closer to ‘real world’ play but with the guidance of their therapist.

  • Goodbye and transitioning out of the group therapy space.

Kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade



3rd, 4th and 5th grades


MIDDLe school